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The Living Environment Trust

Protected Species Survey

The Living Environment Trust specialises on a variety of Protected Species Survey, in order to assist Local Authorities and Developers in identifying whether a specific site contains or is likely to contain protected species. In accordance with the findings, the Trust will advise on work that may be necessary.

Case Study 1 - Canley Brook

The management services provided by The Living Environment Trust include protected species surveys. The Trust was commissioned by Coventry City Council to undertake an otter (Lutra lutra) and water vole (Arvicola terrestris) survey along a section of Canley Brook, as part of the Canley Regeneration Scheme, in order to ensure the protection of these LBAP species throughout the course of any proposed development.

The survey identified presence of a few individuals of water vole, although signs of presence of North American mink (Mustela vison) -one of the major threats to water voles - were also found. Recommendations have been included within the report in order to avoid extinction of one of the very few populations of water voles left in Coventry.

Case Study 2 - The Alan Higgs Centre

The Living Environment Trust is the environmental body in charge of the environmental management at The Alan Higgs Centre.

As part of the ongoing monitoring programme, the Trust undertakes a variety of surveys, including reptile and amphibious surveys as well as bi-annual otter (Lutra lutra) and water vole (Arvicola terrestris) surveys on the site. Although no signs of water vole have ever been recorded on this specific section, signs of otter were found. Accordingly, the Trust has developed a strategy to channel human traffic further away from the most sensitive areas.

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