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The Living Environment Trust

Environmental Management Systems

The Living Environment Trust offers companies advice on the process to implement an Environmental Management System within their business operations. The Trust uses a modular approach for this service, in order to tailor the service provided to the specific demands.

Case Study 1 - Coventry Sports Foundation

Coventry Sports Foundation is a leisure provider organisation that runs three community sports centres in Coventry.

With the environmental legislation becoming stricter and stricter and having realised the potential for costs saving, whilst mitigating its impact on the environment, the Foundation commissioned The Living Environment Trust to develop and implement an Environmental Management System across the whole organisation. As part of the process, The Living Environment Trust, undertook an Initial Environmental Review, drafted an Environmental Policy, and developed an Action Plan, in order to achieve specific targets to mitigate the Foundation’s impact on the environment.

The ultimate goal being ISO 14001 certification for the Foundation.

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