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The Living Environment Trust

Experience the Outdoors

The Alan Higgs Centre is set within 80 acres of open space that is gradually being restored following many years of neglect and vandalism with the aim of creating an ecosystem of high ecological value, whilst also providing abundant opportunity for educational and learning activities.

Therefore, the Trust has developed educational tours of the site that provide an insight into the transformation, which uses interactive experiences and worksheets to assist children in their understanding of the various areas that have been developed.

1. Meadowland

Over 30 acres of natural habitat that support a wide range of invertebrates, from ladybirds and beetles to butterflies and grasshoppers.

2. Hedgerows

Hundreds of metres of native hedgerows that support and shelter a wide range of wildlife species.

3. River Sowe

A walk along a section of the River Sowe, with the opportunity to see the resident kingfisher!

4. Educational Pond

Fitted and fully equipped with pond dipping facilities and charts to ‘match the catch’!

5. Garden Allotments

A live site demonstration on growing ‘food for life’ vegetables organically.

6. Dead Wood Habitat

A natural habitat to explore a variety of invertebrates, from woodlice and millipedes to spiders and beetles.

7. Natural Play Trail

A fun way to test balancing and climbing skills, along a trail of ‘natural structures’.

8. Cottage Garden

A demonstration on the development of a small plot of land in order to attract a range of wildlife species.

9. Sensory Garden

An opportunity to experience nature in a different way that challenges the use of the 5 senses.

10. Butterfly Garden

Created as a habitat to observe the whole life cycle of butterflies.

11. Laid Hedgerows

A management technique to enhance existing hedgerows, whilst benefiting wildlife all year round.

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