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The Living Environment Trust

Sustainable Urban Drainage System at The Alan Higgs Centre

The Living Environment Trust, in charge of the environmental management at The Alan Higgs Centre, has undertaken the plantation of the swales present on site with local reeds, in order to reduce the impact of the leisure activities onto the surrounding environment. The process was facilitated by a partnership with Coombe Abbey, from where the reeds were collected.

The planting of the swales is a key element to the development of the Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems that have been integrated into the site, thereby ensuring that water pollutants such as fertiliser are cleansed from surface water prior to reaching the River Sowe.

The plantation, which has been carried out for several years, has been undertaken with a variety of community groups, including Prince’s Trust, National Probation Service, Fresh Start, Students with Severe Learning Difficulties and Disabilities.

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