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Aquarius Swim School Swimming Lessons

Children's Swimming Lesson Enrolment

Ducklings – Multi Aquatic Lessons

These stages are operated by a monthly direct debit system which means your child can move through the programme automatically without having to wait until the end of a term.

The benefits to this are:

1. Payments will now be made monthly by direct debit based on a 50 week year
2. No more lengthy queues
3. Children progress at the point they have completed all required criteria for their current level

Monthly Direct Debit Prices

30 minutes lesson Full priceDD £20.50 per month
30 minutes lesson Concession priceDD £16.50 per month
60 minutes lesson Full priceDD £25.00 per month
60 minutes lesson Concession PriceDD £21.00 per month

Aquatots and Adult Lessons

These still run on a 12 week rotation which is paid in a block booking at the beginning of the term. You can still join these lessons at any time throughout the term and you will pay for the remaining lessons for that particular block.

Term Dates, including Enrolment Dates

Start DateEnd DateEnrol From
26th September 2016 18th December 2016 19th September 2016
2nd January 2017 26th March 2017 19th December 2016
27th March 2017 18th June 2017 20th March 2017

Aqua Tots Course Prices

Aqua Tots Full Price £43.80 per course
Aqua Tots Concession Price£37.80 per course
Adults Full Price£66.60 per course
1 hour lesson Concession Price£21.00 per month
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