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Aquarius Swim School Swimming Lessons

Aquarius Swim School Children's Swimming Lessons

Our swimming lesson programme now runs on a direct debit system which allows you to join on to the lessons at any time. Our lessons run 50 weeks of the year with 2 weeks off over the Christmas and New Year period. This allows your child to have a continual swimming experience with us. They are 30 minutes long, with 1 hour multi aquatic and Gifted & Talented classes available for children who have progressed through all stages.

Focussing on 4 main strokes, water confidence, and water skills, children will develop key stroke techniques whilst working towards badges from the ASA 'learn to swim' pathway. Children progress from Aqua Tots through to Stage 1 based on age, whereas Stage 2 upwards is progressed on ability. All elements of the stage must be achieved to allow progression.

For your swimming lessons to be set up, you will need to visit the centre you’d like to join to complete enrolment and direct debit forms. Please bring proof of address and bank details for the DD to be submitted.

Currently Enrolled?

If you are currently enrolled onto our swimming lessons, your child can progress to the next stage at any time throughout the year. Your current teacher will present your child with a ‘progression slip’ which you take to reception. They will try to find you a class that is convenient for you and if we succeed, your child will move up to the next stage the following week.

Once they have completed a stage, they will be awarded with a badge which is available to purchase from reception.

Awarding Badges

We have a range of badges available for children to gain throughout the stages of the framework. These not only include ‘Stage’ badges when they complete a stage, but distance, Awards and ‘I Can’ Awards for the younger children.

Badges can now be achieved at any time throughout the year, as your children are continually being assessed on their swimming. If your child is awarded with a badge, your teacher will present your child with a ‘Badge Slip’ which you can take to reception and purchase the badge.

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