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  • My Wellness System

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NEW mywellness system

Thanks to your mywellness account, where all of your lifestyles data is stored, you can:

  • Record your indoor and outdoor workouts
  • Access your activity data
  • Track your results and review progress
  • Record and review body measurements
  • Link to popular health and fitness apps and devices

mywellness enables you to access your own data, whenever and wherever you wish, turning your physical activity into a customised training experience “on the move”.

Becoming healthier and more active is now easier than ever.

  • Active people are healthier and live longer, better lives. You can be active at home, at work, at the gym or park, even while you travel. Moving is the key to being active and now you can measure your activity in moves.
  • Unlike the number of calories burnt, moves, are independent of bodyweight; so they are a more effective way of comparing your activity levels to those of your friends and colleagues. How do you fair?
  • NOT VERY ACTIVE - UP TO 499 moves
  • MODERATELY ACTIVE - FROM 500 TO 749 moves
  • ACTIVE - FROM 750 TO 999 moves
  • VERY ACTIVE - OVER 1000 moves

Download the mywellness app to get started...

Create your mywellness profile

Enter your data , create your profile and connect with Facebook and many other linkable apps. You can use mywellness to train, keep track of your outdoor activities and join Club challenges.

Check out and keep track of your training plan

Use our Unityself to set up a plan with your trainer. You can also use Unityself to track your progress. You can follow your training plan from the Unity Totem available at the gym or on your smart phone.

Remember to always close your training session so that your results are recorded.

Check off each exercise as you perform it from the list of exercises in your programme. Each exercise comes with a video guide to assist you.

Train! Start your session

To sync your app to the Unity, Strength and Kinesis Station products, use your smart phone with your mywellness app turned on. If you have an NFC-compatible smartphone, just hold it next to the screen or scan the QR code on the product via the mywellness app.

Follow and keep track of your fitness

You can follow your training programme from the Unity Totem available at the gym or on your smart phone. Remember to always close your training session so that your results are recorded.

Link your mywellness account to popular health and fitness mobile apps and health devices, allowing you to access all your lifestyle data in one place.

Wellness Key

The mywellness app enables you to follow your fitness programme by keeping track of your fitness.

Wellness Key will help you tailor your fitness regime.

The Technogym Wellness Key can be used in all of our gyms; which are kitted out with the latest Technogym equipment.

The advantages of a Wellness Key

  • Receive guided workouts to make training efficient
  • Monitor your progress
  • Automatically upload your fitness data to your mywellness app
  • Access your data online at
An Image of the Technogym Wellness Key

How does the Wellness Key work?

  • Agree your programme with your personal trainer or load your own training regime onto your Wellness Key using our on-site kiosks.
  • ‘Check in’ on arrival at any one of our three fitness suites. Insert your Wellness Key and download your workout data.
  • Insert your Wellness Key into the fitness machine and your personalised programme starts automatically.
  • The system identifies when you are reaching your goal and increases the level to keep you motivated.
  • At the end of your session, ‘check out’ at the kiosk and view your results and progress. You can also record non-gym based activities such as swimming and running.
  • You or your personal trainer can monitor progress at any time to make sure you are on track.
  • Statistics and results can be viewed at any time online through

Wellness Key Prices

Members Price£10
Non-members Price£12

Please purchase your wellness key in-centre at reception.

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