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Lifestyles Health & Fitness

The Lifestyles Buddy Community

Lifestyles Health Clubs has formed the Buddy Community to help get the people of Coventry moving and engaging in exercise, as well as providing a channel of inspiration to help engage everyone. Using a support network of volunteers to keep the scheme alive and partnerships with local clubs and groups to help refer the participants into after they finish the scheme.

The Lifestyles Buddy Community will be available as either an 8-week guidance programme or sign posting to advice or community activities. Lifestyles Buddy’s will be in charge of engaging members of the community into physical activity, this can be either participating in exercise classes at one of our centres, attending sports sessions or simply increasing a members’ daily activity.

We will then look to provide a sustainable progression for all members who pass through the scheme either into one of the leisure centres or local activity.

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Buddy Community Progression

  1. Lifestyles Buddys recruited to help participants in the community
  2. Participants invited to the community & introduced to the Lifestyles Buddys
  3. Lifestyles Buddy paired with up to 5 Lifestyle Community participants
  4. Participants complete 8 week guidance programme or given advice on healthy & active lifestyle
  5. Lifestyles Buddy refers participant to local activity or leisure centre as an exit route into regular activity
  6. Participants are contacted to review their programme and asked if they would like to become a Lifestyles Buddy

Join the Lifestyles Buddy Community

Are you...

  • Living a sedentary or low activity lifestyle?
  • Finding it hard to become motivated to exercise?
  • New to exercise and struggling to find your rhythm?
  • Uncomfortable to enter a Gym environment?
  • Unable to stay committed to exercise?

Why join the Lifestyles Buddy Community?

  • Access to a team of Lifestyles Buddy’s to help you achieve your goals
  • Free fitness tracking device!
  • 8 weeks of guidance or access to information from Lifestyles Buddys to get you active and improve your lifestyle
  • Opportunity to become a Buddy and inspire others in the future

What is expected in the Lifestyles Buddy Community?

  • Committed to engaging in exercise ideas given by their Lifestyles Buddy
  • Willingness to make a lifestyle change to improve their health
  • To provide feedback at all points through their programme so we can tailor accordingly for them

Become a Lifestyles Buddy

Are you...

  • An energetic and enthusiastic individual?
  • An inspirational person with a story to tell of your journey?
  • Ready to help the Coventry community engage in exercise?
  • Friendly and approachable and engaging in exercise?
  • Committed to helping others achieve their goals?

Why become a Lifestyles Buddy?

  • Free Lifestyles Buddy Branded Uniform!
  • Get up to 4 months free membership (current Lifestyles members)
  • 50% off Lifestyles Membership for non-members who are a buddy!
  • Free fitness tracking device!

What is expected of the Lifestyles Buddy?

  • Clearance of DBS check prior to commencing programme
  • Lifestyles Buddy Profile, including their journey, reasons for starting exercise and bene ts of exercise for them
  • Basic knowledge of exercise and healthy lifestyles
  • Actively engaging in exercise and living a healthy lifestyle
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