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Xcel Leisure Centre Group Exercise Class Timetable

Exercise Classes may be subject to change due to instructor unavailability. We aim to continue providing the class to our customers rather than cancel and endeavour to provide like for like replacement. Apologies for any inconvenience caused should such a situation arise.

Temporary class replacements and last minute cancellations will not be shown on this page. Please keep up to date by checking our Customer Updates page and following us on Twitter and Facebook.

Highlighted classes are new to the timetable. Come along and try something new!


9:10amGroup Cycling 45 minsJ
10:00amBums, Legs & Tums
11:00amZumba J
12:00pmAqua Aerobics J
5:15pmGroup Cycling 30 minsJ
6:00pmBums, Legs & Tums
6:00pmExtreme Marine Fintess (1hr)*
7:00pmBody Blast
7:00pmAqua Aerobics 45 minsJ


7:00amGroup Cycling 45 mins
10:00amTotal Body Conditioning
11:15amYogilates J
12:15pmCardiac Rehab (90 mins)
1:45pmCardiac Rehab (90 mins)
5:15pmGroup Cycling 30 mins
6:00pmClubbercise J
7:00pmYoga J


9:10amGroup Cycling 45 minsJ
10:00amBums, Legs & Tums
11:00amYogilates J
12:05pmAqua Aerobics J
5:15pmGroup Cycling 30 minsJ
6:00pmBums, Legs & Tums
6:00pmExtreme Marine Fitness (1hr)*
7:10pmAqua Aerobics J


7:00amGroup Cycling 45 mins
10:00amStomp FX J
11:00amTotal Body Conditioning J
11:15amAqua Zumba J
5:15pmGroup Cycling 45 minsJ
6:00pmBody Blast
7:00pmStrength & Conditioning J
8:00pmClubbercise J


9:10amGroup Cycling 45 minsJ
10:00amBums, Legs & Tums
11:10amPump Fx
3:00pmAqua Aerobics J
5:30pmZumba J


9:15amBums, Legs & Tums
10:15amPump FX
12:15pmAqua Aerobics J


9:00amGroup Cycling 45 minsJ
10:00amBody Blast
10:00amExtreme Marine Fitness (1hr)*
11:00am Pilates

Table Notes

  • J
  • 30 mins
  • 45 mins
  • *
  • **
  • ***
  • ****

This timetable was last updated on Tuesday 4 Sep, 2018, and is subject to change.

Group Exercise Prices

Members PriceFREE
Non-members Price£5.20 per session
£4 with concession

Things to note

  • Appropriate footwear must be worn to all classes.
  • Classes run for 50 minutes unless otherwise stated.
  • You must give at least 24 hours notice when cancelling a class booking.
  • If you repeatedly fail to cancel you may not be allowed to continue pre-booking.


Concessions are available for Passport to Leisure, NUS Extra, Priority Card holders, and seniors over 60.

Check your Priority Card eligibility

Not Sure Which Class You'll Like?

Our class guide is split by intensity, with detailed descriptions of what to expect at each class.

See our group exercise class guide
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