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Lifestyles Health & Fitness

Lifestyles Group Exercise Class Guide

Our class guide will help you pick a class based upon its category.

The Calorie Burners

Body Blast

If you are looking to lose weight, tone up, improve your aerobic fitness, strength, stamina, endurance, energy levels then you have come to the right session. These sessions are designed to be fun and challenging at the same time. Sessions will vary week to week.


We darken the room, get the disco lights going and start to work up a sweat whilst dancing to floor fillers from the 90s, from rave to recent dance anthems. The routines are easy to follow and always have high or low impact options.

Group Cycling

Calorie killing at its best! Without the stress of any complicated moves. Great music, motivational instructors and a chance to burn up to 450 calories per 30mins will complete your journey to calorie burning heaven.

Les Mills RPM Virtual Cycling

A moderate to high intensity indoor cycling class using traditional training techniques, positive drive, and new-age technology to present a virtual (on-screen) led session. It targets cardio and aerobic fitness, burn calaries and fat - proven technique to assist the body. It lasts 45 minutes per session.


A.K.A High Intensity Interval Training session....get the maximum workout for the minimum amount of time! HIIT is proven to give the best results, combining high intensity exercises followed by rest, allowing you to work to your own maximum, and working the big muscle groups!


MAX Interval Training at its very best, replacing traditional moderate-intensity exercise with maximum-intensity exercise using short intervals of intensity. INSANITY’s high-intensity activity forces the body to work for longer periods of time at a higher capacity than traditional workouts. As a result, you can experience faster increases in cardiovascular fitness, and burn carbohydrates and fat more efficiently. There are different levels for each exercise, so even as a beginner, you can get a great workout!

Pound Fit

Pound Fit is an alternative group exercise format inspired by drumming1 So it's time to unleash your inner rockstar and make some noise!

The Strength Builders


A total body workout using the latest in fitness equipment – the Kettlebell. This small, bell shaped weight will combine cardiovascular, strength, endurance and flexibility training in one blast.

Pump FX

An old classic is bought up to scratch, using the barbell, hand weights and body weight exercises to strengthen the entire body using progressive resistance to challenge all your major muscle groups. Great music, awesome instructors and your choice of weights!

Strength & Conditioning

A focused class using equipment and bodyweight class specifically designed to strengthen, sculpt and condition the body.


The use of dynamic resistance bands with the Vibe forumla; music, fun, and interaction. Strengthen and tone your core and lower body and experience an amazing workout. Suitable for all fitness levels.

The Fighters


A circuit based class utilising boxing training techniques to effectively tone your body.

Fight FX

Martial arts-inspired fight sequences and conditioning drills devised to strip fat and amplify power, co- ordination and confidence.

The Water Workouts

Aqua Aerobics

A fun and invigorating all over body workout in the water designed to effectively burn calories with minimal impact on the body. Great for those who are new or returning to exercise. (Xcel Leisure Centre & Centre AT7 only)

Aqua Zumba

Blends the Zumba philosophy with water resistance! There is less impact on your joints so you can really let loose. Water creates natural resistance, so every step is more challenging and helps tone your muscles.


A fusion of the old classic of indoor cycling and the benefits of water based exercise. Enjoy our bespoke and specialist water cycling class focusing on cardio, strength and endurance, but most of all, fun!

The Re-energisers & Core


Designed to concentrate on slow and measured movements in order to create lean and stronger muscles around your torso. A gentle but highly effective session for improving posture, flexibility and preventing injury.


One of the worlds most practiced spiritual disciplines originating from modern India. Developed over thousands of years these sessions concentrate on bringing balance and harmony to both body and mind, through postures and breath. They can help to boost the immune system, encourage relaxation and correct posture alignment.


Incorporates a refined awareness of the breath and the core using yoga postures to improve flexibility and correct imbalances in the body.

The Specialists

Bums, Legs & Tums

Complete a lower body workout for all those problem areas, incorporating the use of hand weights, steps, bars and bands. Improving your aerobic fitness and tone those three key areas.


Push yourself that little further with a class of exercise stations targeting specific muscle groups, improving your strength and cardiovascular fitness. Each instructor is different, so you may find one session time focused and another all about repetitions!


This workout targets that tricky abdominal area to help flatten, tighten and tone the abs, glutes, back, obliques and ‘slings’ connecting the upper and lower body, improve functional strength and assist in injury prevention like nothing else.


This bar gives you an overall body conditioning workout. It uses vibration training to work the deep core muscles and improve overall general fitness.

Fitball Stretch

A core strengthening class designed to improve range of motion, strength, stability co-ordination and balance. Fitball provides an excellent workout which will result in a stronger core, improved posture and better body alignment.

Gently Does It

A fun, low intensity, low impact session designed for older adults who want to work their heart, muscles and increase flexibility, all in one easy to follow class designed to revitalise your body through exercise.


Improve your aerobic fitness and tone your body with this workout combining step and toning exercises.

Stomp FX

Formulated for maximum calorie burn and fitness improvements, stomp FX delivers dynamic, athletic exercise programming with a step.

Total Body Conditioning

A low impact session designed to work and strengthen all major muscle groups, improve cardio efficiency and increase flexibility.

Urban Rebound

A challenging cardiovascular workout performed on a spring enhanced mini trampoline. An effective fat burning exercise with minimal stress on the body.


A Latin inspired dance-fitness class. It fuses hypnotic Latin rhythms and easy to follow moves to create a dynamic fitness program that will blow you away!

Group Exercise Prices

Members PriceFREE
Non-members Price£6.30 per session, Standard
Non-members Price£5.70 per session, Go CV
Non-members Price£4.50 per session, Go CV + Concession

Cardiac Rehab

5 Session Course£12.50
10 Session Course£25.00

Extreme Marine Fitness

Price£5.20 per session

Things to note

  • Appropriate footwear must be worn to all classes.
  • Classes run for 50 minutes unless otherwise stated.
  • You must give at least 24 hours notice when cancelling a class booking.
  • If you repeatedly fail to cancel you may not be allowed to continue pre-booking.


Concessions are available for Go CV and NUS Extra card holders, plus seniors over 60.

Visit the Go CV website for more information
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