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Sunny Semmar

Personal Trainer

About Me

Coming from a extremely active lifestyle, football, cricket, kickboxing, boxing, MMA, weight training, calisthenics & other sports.

Training clients, from goals ranging from weight loss & muscle tone to weight gain and packing muscle on or sport specific like marathon training to prepping for a boxing bout.

Want to train & shape up specific areas i.e glutes, legs or abs, back, shoulders, arms? Want to get stronger?

All is achievable. Goals for clients have been achieved through consistency and expert guidance & sound industry knowledge from myself.

You will be supported fully throughout. Nutritional guidance is readily available. Drop me a call or message or if you see me about come have a friendly chat.

Offer 8 session plus bulk buy available. Bulk buy for boxing 121 sessions 4 plus. Contact to enquire further.

“Sunny has been training me for almost two years in the gym, also doing boxing and I have seen amazing progress. He explains how to balance diet and exercise and has provided me with a meal plan which I enjoyed following. Sunny has introduced me to useful exercises and is more than happy to assist you in learning new training techniques, both weights and cardio based. I have also seen coherent progress in my padwork, as Sunny is a knowledgeable trainer who pushes you in order to get you the best results possible.” - Marisa Fowler

To contact me email: or call me on: 07554408253

My Expertise

  • Level 3 Diploma in Personal Training & in Fitness Instructing
  • TRX Total Body Resistance Exercise- TRX Suspension Training
  • Boxing- Pad work specialist
  • Mixed Martial Arts
  • Kettlebell Expert
  • MRCT Circuits
  • Studio Spin Cycling
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