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Scott Sowerby BSc

Personal Trainer

About Me

Hi I'm Scott, health and fitness has been a passion of mine my whole life and I have achieved a 1st class honours degree in BSC Sports Coaching Science, developing my expertise.

Whether you are new to health and fitness; looking to lose weight, gain muscle, improve general health and well being, OR preparing for a special event or sporting competition, I will be able to utilise this knowledge and experience tailoring a programme that meets your needs in order to achieve your goals.

Working with you I will create a motivating, challenging and enjoyable personalised programme, with supporting nutritional advice that will be structured to fit seamlessly into your day to day life, helping YOU to make not only short term, but long term health and lifestyle changes.

The hardest part is always getting started so contact me today to begin your fitness journey.

My Expertise

  • BSc sports coaching science 1st class honours
  • Level 3 personal training
  • Gym based boxing
  • Circuit training
  • Indoor cycling
  • Fat loss
  • Strength training
  • Sport specific training
  • Nutritional advice


Following what I considered relatively poor preparation for my first charity boxing match, I decided to address this by working with a personal trainer in preparation for my second boxing match.

Scott offered a completely professional and disciplined approach to my diet and training. This was something that was greatly lacking first time around. On top of this, his ability to keep me motivated throughout, and ensure that the goals that we had set out together, was pivotal to ensuring I was in the best possible shape, physically and mentally. This training and dedication resulted in a win by unanimous decision during my second fight.

Scott's approach was precise and methodical. He was able to effectively communicate the reasoning behind all aspects of training and dieting. This was very helpful, offering a purpose to training, and keeping everything geared towards the event, and my goals.

I would recommend Scott to anyone that is wishing to make a change to their lifestyle Whether that be a specific event, or for something more long term. His great approach, and tremendous interpersonal skills, will allow you to reach a level you may never have thought possible, whilst engaging, and educating his clients in how to lead a healthier lifestyle. His abilities make him an ideal trainer for all levels and goals.

— David Allen

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