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Lifestyles Health & Fitness

Lifestyles Fitness Suite Instructors

Our friendly fitness suite staff will be happy to help you with your health and fitness questions. Stay motivated and confident with their expert advice!


I love to share my knowledge and exercise techniques so just come and ask.


I work between Centre AT7 and Xcel and I run the Active for Health programme. Need advice? Just ask!


I aim to help members adopt a healthy lifestyle, living their lives to their full.


Fitness should never be a competition with fellow trainers, it is about competing with yourself to be better.


I'm here for all your fitness needs, I work out for confidence strength and feelings of accomplishment let me help you do the same.


Fitness is not just about the body its about the mind. I have never failed in helping people achieve both physical and mental results.


I'm a fitness instructor and PT across the 3 sites. I'm passionate about exercise and willing to share all my knowledge.

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