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We aim to create a safe environment for all children and young people by ensuring safe recruitment, promoting clear systems, embedding a culture of safeguarding, and by respecting and listening to children and young people.

Our safeguarding policy objectives are:

  • To recognise the equal right of all children and young people under the age of 18 years, to be safe and to feel safe, irrespective of their age, gender, race, culture, disability, or ofwhether they are users of the Foundation services, visitors, or are young members of our own staff and volunteers.
  • To actively support ‘position of trust’ provisions relating to the maintenance of healthy, positive and professional relationships that do not breach appropriate boundaries between staff, coaches and children / young people, including 16 and 17 year olds - embedding this requirement within the Foundation’s culture, codes of conduct and linked disciplinary processes.
  • To create and maintain a ‘culture of safeguarding’ that encourages and empowers everyone with whom the Foundation has contact – especially children and young people - to feel comfortable and empowered to share, challenge, report or discuss any concerns / matters regarding their personal safety and their fundamental entitlement to be safe and feel safe’.
  • To proactively listen to children, staff, parents and their feedback about safeguarding practice, and be swift and thorough in responding to any safeguarding concerns.
  • To ensure the allocation of appropriate and sufficient resources in support of safeguarding.
  • To utilise a range of approaches for communicating very clearly this ‘culture of safeguarding’ to all children, parents, wider service users, visitors, staff and partner agencies.
  • To ensure that all safeguarding and associated policies and procedures are transparent, robust, have clear lines of responsibility for pro-active management, communication, reporting and response, and are regularly reviewed and updated.
  • To meet the appropriate national ‘safeguarding in sport standards’ and local Safeguarding Board requirements.
  • To meet the appropriate national ‘safeguarding in sport standards’ and local Safeguarding Board requirements.
  • To ensure that all Board members, staff and volunteers are fully aware of their responsibilities and are actively supported and appropriately trained.
  • To ensure that external partners involved in service provision have confirmed that they have the necessary knowledge, policies and procedures in place to protect the welfare and safety of children and young people.
  • To ensure that the Foundation has appropriate connection with the policies and advice of other key agencies, such as, National Governing Bodies.
  • To strive for continuous improvement and to utilise all practice learning.
  • To foster excellent links with local safeguarding partners and to ‘work together’ with families and relevant external partners.
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