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Coventry Sports Foundation

About Coventry Sports Foundation

Coventry Sports Foundation is a charitable Trust and limited company registered in England, with a mission to;

provide a wide range of sporting, recreational, educational and social activities to under-represented and disadvantaged community groups and individuals within Coventry.

The Foundation represents a management merger that was finalised in April 2000, between two formerly independent Trusts in Coventry - Centre AT7 Trust Ltd, which targeted inner city deprivation in the North East of the city from its Sports Centre base Centre AT7; and The Midland Sports Centre for the Disabled Trust Ltd, which aimed at providing sporting services and opportunities to disabled participants around the Midlands from its Sports Centre base at The Midland Sports Centre. In 2008, the new Xcel Leisure Centre replaced the Midland Sports Centre.

In 2004, the Foundation also assumed the management of the Alan Higgs Centre in Allard Way, under contract with the Alan Higgs Centre Trust who had funded the construction of this magnificent centre in an effort to reach communities within another important area of regeneration within the city.

Therefore, the Foundation now reaches those in the North East of Coventry from Centre AT7; the South East of the city from The Alan Higgs Centre; and the South West of the city from the Xcel Leisure Centre.

However, a unique aspect of the Foundation’s delivery is through its Community Development function, where a wide range of activities are programmed and delivered completely outside of any of the leisure centres, in community and neighbourhood locations. The aim of the Community Development Department is to reach people within their own community environments and address barriers to participation through breaking down inhibition within familiar neighbourhood settings.

Whilst the Community Development Department has traditionally delivered sports development activities such as coaching programmes, outdoor adventure, holiday and after school sports sessions, it has also recently launched a performing arts dimension that explores the connection between the arts and sports through activities such as dance, movement, drama and singing.

Similarly, the management of 80 acres of land around the Alan Higgs Centre led the Foundation into exploring a range of areas associated with environmental projects. This work became quite central to the entire operation of the Foundation, so that in 2007 an independent charity – The Living Environment Trust was established to manage this work on behalf of Coventry Sports Foundation. The Living Environment Trust also undertakes a range of management contracts for other organisations and agencies and manages the narrowboat Coventrian.

Currently, the vast range of programmes that are delivered both within the leisure centres and the community locations means that the Foundation has in excess of 1.25 million usages per year.

The range of provision currently undertaken by Coventry Sports Foundation includes:

  • Management of Community Sports and Leisure facilities
  • Educational Sporting Schemes
  • Sports Coaching Programmes
  • Performing Arts Programmes
  • Youth Activities
  • Youth Diversion Programmes
  • Outdoor Adventure Activities
  • Leisure Training Programmes
  • Environmental Management of Projects
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