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The Coventrian Narrow Boat

The Living Canals Project

The Coventrian has been specifically designed for the purposes of delivering educational activities and experiences, with its open space design able to divide into work surfaces and seating.

The mission of the Living Canals Project is to provide an alternative and unique means of engaging children more directly with concepts such as waterway ecology, canal history and heritage, travel and transport, pollution and environmental impact. All of these topics can be delivered in isolation or as a wider more encompassing trip, through a variety of means that could involve the children in any form of imaginative learning from artistic expression, to map reading and the development of canal tour guides!

The project provides an innovative way of fulfilling many areas of cross curricular interest within the National Curriculum and can be designed to meet the demands of all Key Stages – starting with Key Stage 1 where the Coventrian provides the ideal setting for the culmination of a study into Pirates and Princesses!!

The trips may last up to half a day and can accommodate a full class size of around 30 children – depending upon the nature of the activity. Trips should be planned some time in advance to ensure that the specified intended learning outcomes can be sufficiently and innovatively designed into the delivery.

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